Sustainable, safe and secure supply chains

Many of the supply chain principles and logistics solutions applied today were developed in an era in which sustainability, safety and security were not paramount determinants.

In this paper we sketch the context in which companies operate their supply chains in the 21st century. We have identified that resource scarcity, demographic trends, safety concerns and security threats at global, regional and local level span the space of feasible supply chain design, planning, control and execution solutions.

This requires fully integrated supply networks, in which logistic service providers, shippers and authorities closely cooperate. In particular shippers, as the owners of the goods in transit, play a key role; their decisions on product configuration after all determine what to transport.

Key milestones

  • 2020 – Full alignment of economics, environmental, social and security goals
  • 2030 – Integrated decision making in end-to-end supply chain
  • 2040 – Safe and secure supply chains for circular economy
  • 2050 – Physical Internet


Chair: Karine Boucheri, FM Logistic


  • Prof. Dr. Albert Veenstra, DINALOG
  • Prof. Dr. Luca Urciouli, ZLC

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